“Lunch and Learn” Seminars (50 minutes – up to 30 participants): 

Building a Solid Personal Foundation - A solid personal foundation is an intentional decision to live your life in a way that will put you more consistently at "the top of your game." This interactive seminar explore several elements of personal foundation including integrity, boundaries and creating healthy habits and reserves. Participants will take surveys and participate in exercises that will help them identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Five Keys to Developing Empathy in the Workplace - Empathy is the crucial leadership skill of understanding the thoughts and feelings of another. Studies have shown that companies that focus on cultivating empathy in their leaders can experience increased loyalty, productivity and retention. This seminar presents five key actions that can help your team develop greater empathy and understanding toward co-workers and clients.

The Lost Art of Listening – Listening is more than just hearing. Effective listening involves both understanding and empathy. This seminar looks at the most common stumbling blocks to good communication and offers suggestions on improving your ability to truly listen in all situations – at work and at home.

Mindful Work: Capturing the Flow – We all know that we should be more mindful in our daily work, but working with others, especially in open-plan offices is not always conducive to calm and steady work flow. This seminar looks at the brain science of flow and offers concrete tips to optimize “flow” time even when faced with interruptions and disruptions around you.

What’s Your SpiritType? – Beginning with the premise that we are all spiritual beings with something in us that yearns for the transcendent, we explore the four types of “soul” or “spirit” longings and look at what particular activities might help each of us connect to that source of strength – from meditation and breath work, to long hikes and service opportunities.

Journaling for Creativity and Health – This seminar explores journaling and other writing exercises that have been found to have a strong positive influence on personal health and wellbeing, as well as stimulating creativity and expression. This seminar will include short writing and creativity exercises as well as prompts and suggestions to take away.

My Own Road: Creating a Personal Mission Statement - Just as every company has a mission statement to describe its purpose, ideals and goals, individuals can benefit from a personal mission statement that reflects personal values and goals and can enhance professional and personal growth. We also look at individual company’s mission statements and values and look at areas of alignment and practice.

Conflict Busters: Strategies for De-escalating in the Workplace and Home – Conflict is inevitable. However, how we react to conflict can have significant impact on our work and our relationships. This seminar provides tips for all personality types on defusing tense situations and working toward resolution while honoring the integrity of all parties.

Half-Day Seminars (3 hr – 12 or more participants)

The 40% Solution – Cultivating Happiness in Your Work and Life

Current research in the field of positive psychology has found that up to 40% of our happiness is subject to our control. Small changes in our behavior and habits can contribute to increased satisfaction with our work and personal lives. This is true, not just for individuals, but for work teams as well. Participants will be presented with twelve individual and team practices that can be customized to their particular interests and personalities to help boost their overall happiness and team cohesion.

The Six Dimensions of Spiritual Wholeness

We live in an age of anxiety, uncertainty and conflict, which can have significant impact on our personal sense of well-being as well as our productivity, satisfaction and creativity. This seminar explores the six dimensions of spiritual wholeness – love, hope, inner peace, gratitude, community and self-worth – and provides techniques to cultivate these qualities in our lives. Participants will leave with several concrete practices to put into effect immediately to start improving their connections with their own selves, others and the world around them.

Full-Day Seminars (6 hours – minimum 10 participants)

Introduction to the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-discovery as well as team-building. According to consulting firm Transform. Inc., the Enneagram test "reveals individual strengths and blinding barriers to success, as well as the different ways people tend to interpret situations, events, encounters and experiences. Individuals learn to build on their strengths and overcome personal obstacles while also better understanding the intentions and behavior of others." This one-day introduction will help team members better understand themselves, as well as their team-mates, and develop better strategies for collaboration and communication.