What do you mean by "spiritual"?

Spirituality can mean many things to many people. At Spirit at Work, we define spirituality as a connection with a transcendence greater than ourselves that gives meaning to our lives. That connection might include nature, music, art, philosophy and ethics,  relationships or, for some people, a divinity. Spirituality involves our emotions, feelings, perceptions, values and ethics. Workplace spirituality defines a company's particular ethos or culture, ie. what makes it more than just a collection of people producing a product.

Is your coaching explicitly religious?

No, our coaching is "spiritual but not religious", non-sectarian, non-judgmental and neutral. While some of our coaches are Christian clergy, they are committed to our value of spiritual, not religious. If an employee would like a referral to a religious counselor, we can arrange for that support. All of our coaches are LGBTQ-affirming.

How is this different from what we offer through our Employee Assistance Program?

Studies have shown that over 75% of US workers experience stress at work, but less than 5% of them ever utilize the resources of their EAP. Working alongside your existing EAP, our coaches can identify and respond to issues before they become crises. Every company has different needs, but we typically visit your workplace on a weekly or monthly basis to start forming relationships with your workforce. Each employee receives our 24/7 contact information and are free to engage our services on a completely confidential basis. We are there when you need us.

Can individuals engage your services?

Our coaching services can be engaged by either individuals, teams or businesses. Our consulting and workplace care services are excIusively for businesses. If you think your business could benefit from our services, please have your HR department contact us.

How much do your services cost?

Spirit at Work offers customized plans for each business, that include different levels of support and/or coaching. Please contact us so that we can work with you to design the optimal holistic plan to benefit your employees.

Can we hire a speaker for our corporate retreat?

Our coaches are available for one-time speaking engagements, including "Lunch and Learn", offsite and retreat settings, and team coaching events. Please contact us to find out more.