Dealing with Election Distraction

Dina Steiner, Founder and Director of Spirit at Work ATX

It has been a long slog to get to the 2018 midterm elections. We’ve been bombarded with tweets, commercials, robo-calls and facebook posts. We’ve seen the ugly side of politics and, occasionally, the inspirational. And we’re down to the final hours.

If your employees are anything like me (and maybe I’m unusual), anxiety is running high. Even in a typically red state like Texas, there is considerable anxiety. And if you’re focused on national politics, there is even more at stake. Discussions at work may be getting a little more animated, and if there are opposing political opinions, more heated. And then there are always those folks who feel like outsiders. Either they’re conservatives in a mostly progressive workplace, or idealistic liberals in a very red office.

As things wrap up in the next two days, it might be worthwhile to consider planning a facilitated discussion time or debriefing at work after the results come in. You know that it’s going to be a distraction on Wednesday, why not plan for it? Maybe a lunch discussion, or happy hour after work. Whether people are pleased or disappointed, it’s a good way to build community and restore relationships that might have gotten bruised along the way. Just make sure that all voices are heard and that real listening is happening. Because whatever the election outcome, on Wednesday morning your team is going to be back at work together, and just maybe a little stronger.

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  1. Dina: Fantastic idea given how I (and most people I know) felt on November 8, 2016. I have scheduled an hour with my immediate team for Wednesday afternoon and hopefully, the discussions will be helpful and uplifting for all. Thanks for this!

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